Food Effects

Here is just a start of a catalog(ue) of the new food effects on various generic food items.
You can also view the list sorted by food type.

Belgian wafflesminor hpr,str
Sicilian calzoneminor str
angel food cakeminor str
angel hair and marinaramoderate str
bacon hot dogmoderate con
baked agrianone
baked groupernone
baked redfishmoderate con,dex
baked snailsminor con
beef burritominor/major con,tick
beef grinderminor epr,tick
big dagwoodmajor str
birthday cakenone
blackened agriaminor epr
blackened grouperminor hpr,str
blackened haddockminor hpr
blackened redfishminor hpr
blackened snapperminor hpr,str
blue lollipopmoderate con
blueberry muffinminor spr,str
blueberry wafflesminor str
boiled crayfishminor epr,tick
boiled hot dogminor spr,tick
boiled lobsternone
bowl of raviolinone
bowl of rigatonimoderate/remarkable str
broiled agriaminor con
broiled crayfishnone
broiled duckmoderate tick
broiled redfishminor/major epr,tick
broken crackernone
buttermilk biscuitminor/moderate con
cappellini and marinaranone
carrot cakeminor str,tick
cheese and beef nachosminor con
cheese burritominor/major epr,spr
cheese cakeminor str,tick
cheese calzonenone
cheese enchiladanone
cheese ravioliminor spr
cheesy nachosminor con
cherry cheese cakeminor con,spr
cherry lollipopmoderate epr
chicken burritominor epr
chicken grindermajor epr
chicken hot dogminor epr
chicken marsallanone
chicken sandwichnone
chocolate cakenone
chocolate cupcakenone
clam chowderminor/moderate epr,tick
coffee cakeminor str,tick
cold popsiclenone
cooked pheasantnone
cream cakenone
cream filled eclairminor/moderate con,dex
crisp wafflesminor con
crumb cakenone
cup of chilinone
delicious cupcakenone
devil cakenone
dozen musselsmoderate epr
english muffinminor con,epr
few sardinesminor spr
flaky biscuitminor con
foot long hot dognone
fresh biscuitminor con
fresh strudlenone
fresh wafflesminor hpr
freshly cooked linguiniminor epr
fried groupernone
fried scallopremarkable con
frosting covered strudlenone
german chocolate cakeminor hpr,tick
green lollipopminor spr
grilled agriaminor con
grilled octopusminor epr
grilled redfishminor epr,tick
grilled salmonminor spr
grilled t-bonenone
grouper chowderminor epr
ham and cheese grinderminor hpr,spr
ham and cheese sandwichnone
ham and sausage calzoneminor epr
ham calzoneminor str,tick
ham pizzanone
ham sandwichminor/moderate tick
hot biscuitminor str,tick
hot chilimoderate spr
huge dagwoodminor spr,tick
ice cream cakeminor epr,str
italian sausagemoderate str
jerked agriaminor tick
jerked catfishmajor spr
jerked octopusmajor epr,str
jerked redfishminor spr
king crab covered loin alaskamajor hpr,tick
large dagwoodnone
lemmon pepper chickenminor dex,tick
lemon cakenone
lemon lime lollipopnone
linguini with marinaraminor spr
link sausageminor tick
medium well flank steakmoderate dex
mint lambmajor spr
moldy muffinminor tick
monstrous dagwoodnone
mushroom stroganoffminor dex,spr
orange lollipopnone
order of linguinimoderate con
order of nachosmoderate tick
order of rigatonimoderate con
oven baked agriamoderate hpr
oven baked groupermoderate con,dex
oven baked haddockmajor dex
oven baked octopusnone
oven baked redfishnone
oven baked snapperminor/moderate con,dex
oven broiled agriaminor dex
oven broiled octopusnone
oven broiled redfishminor con,tick
oven broiled snappernone
oven roasted quailmajor dex,epr
oven roasted rabbitnone
patty sausagenone
peanut butter and jelly sandwichnone
peck of oystersnone
pepperoni and ham calzoneminor con,hpr
pepperoni and sausage calzoneminor tick
pepperoni calzonenone
piece of chickenminor spr,str
piece of pastramiminor hpr
piece of turkeyminor epr,spr
pineapple burritonone
plate of linguinimajor hpr
plate of pastramiminor hpr
plate of rigatoniminor hpr
plate of turkeyminor epr,spr
pork egg rollminor/major con
pound cakenone
prime rib sandwichminor con,dex
raw anchovieminor tick
raw crayfishminor tick
red crayfishminor tick
red lobsterminor/major dex,str
red velvet cakeminor epr,str
rice and stroganoffminor dex,spr
roast beef grinderminor/moderate con
roast pork lo meinnone
roast pork stir frynone
rotissiere chickennone
round wafflesminor epr
saltine crackerminor epr
salty anchovienone
sausage calzoneminor/moderate epr,str
seafood chowderminor epr
seafood marsallanone
shrimp hoagienone
shrimp lo meinmoderate spr
shrimp stir fryminor epr,spr
slice of pastramiminor hpr
slimy anchovienone
slow cooked muttonnone
slow cooked pot roastmajor tick
small cupcakenone
small lollipopminor spr
smelly anchovieminor/moderate epr,str
spaghetti and marinaraminor spr
spiny lobsternone
square wafflesminor con,str
steak sandwichminor spr
steaming biscuitminor str
strawberry cakeminor epr,str
strawberry lollipopnone
strawberry push upmoderate con
stuffed agriaminor con
stuffed catfishmajor epr,tick
stuffed lobstermajor epr
stuffed manicottimajor str
stuffed octopusminor dex
stuffed raviolinone
stuffed redfishminor epr,tick
stuffed sharknone
sugar coated strudlenone
tender muttonmajor con,str
teriyaki stir frynone
toaster strudleminor/moderate epr,str
turkey grindernone
turkey sandwichminor epr,tick
tuscan scallopminor spr
two dozen oystersminor dex
vanilla cakeminor tick
vegetable burritonone
vegetable calzonenone
vegetable marsallanone
vegetable stir fryminor con
veggie sandwichminor epr,tick
watermelon lollipopnone
white cakenone